Frequently Asked Questions


1) Should the account be set up using the student or parents email address?

  • Please use the parent’s email address. Student accounts may be blocked from receiving external email for safety/security reasons, preventing completion of the registration process.


2) What if I can’t remember the email address I used last year?


3) What should I do? I cannot remember my password.

  • Click I forgot my password. This will allow Membership Toolkit to reset it. No-one on the Music Patrons can access or reset your password.


4) Why didn't I receive the verification email for the final step of setting up my account?

  • Please check your spam/junk folder
  • Make sure you did not use a student email to set up the account. Student accounts may be blocked from receiving external email for safety/security reasons and should not be used as the primary email.
  • Verify the spelling of the email address that you used for accuracy.
  • If you are still having difficulties, please email


5) Why can't I see my child’s forms?

  • Verify that you have selected ‘parent or guardian’, or ‘faculty and parent’ in the ‘how are you connected to the organization' block
  • Make sure you have used the drop down to identify the classes your child takes


6) Why can't I see the credits for my account (see the 'how do I' section for instructions on looking up credits).

  • Ensure you are using the correct account. If a student set up a separate account from the parent, and has not linked the accounts, credits will not be visible. See the 'how do I' section for instructions on linking accounts.


7) Why won't the system let me check out? It says “there are required items remaining”.

  • This message means that there are mandatory forms that have not yet been processed. Visit your forms/paperwork, and process any required forms. Then return to your cart and finalize your transaction.



How Do I...


Look up available credit?


Pay for a trip?


Link a parent and student account?


Change a login email address?



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