Our Amazing teachers



Mrs. Kraus

Mrs. Kraus is the vocal Director at MBA and SHS. 


Mrs. Kraus believes that chorus is a team of students who are kind, who try their very best, who grow together, who support and value one another, who make mistakes, who learn, who create music, who sing together and share their gift of music.


Mr. Loftus



Mrs. McCarthy

Mrs. McCarthy graduated from the Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford in 1986. She started teaching in Somers right out of college and never left!! Her first 11 years were spent teaching at MBA where she taught 4th-8th grade general music and chorus.  Since 1996, she has been teaching instrument lessons, band and general music at SES.


She lives in Somers with her husband, Mr. McCarthy, (PE teacher at MBA) and her 2 cats Johnson and Otie!!  She has one son, Ray, who is entering his senior year in the Physician Assistant program at Springfield College.


Mrs. McCarthy loves teaching music and her goal is to have students leave her class learning the basics of music through singing, dancing, movement etc.  She wants all students to find something they like (hopefully love) about music either by participating in the band or in general music classes.


Mrs. Wolf

Mrs.Wolf is the Instrumental Director at both MBA and SHS. She also teaches Music in Society and Music Theory. 


The Somers Instrumental Music Department’s philosophy is to provide a safe and challenging learning environment for all students.  We will provide opportunities for students to achieve their highest potential, while learning to work together in a positive environment.  I believe that it is important to hold students to the highest standard possible, while encouraging and acknowledging their accomplishments.  It is imperative that we balance between the needs of individuals and the needs of the group, so that both may reach their highest potential.